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Tune in to Samm Brown's For the Record at its new time, Saturday @ 12 Noon (PDT). It will be podcast simultaneously on iTunes.

KPFK's Samm Brown Comes to ProMusic 47 Radio!

John Acosta, VP of Musicians Local 47, officially welcomed well-known
talk show host Samm Brown to the webcast family of Pro Music 47 Radio with the launch
of his highly touted radio show "Samm Brown's For the Record". The show is
aired Sundays at 11 am (PST), and rebroadcast at the same time daily, seven days a week.

Welcome to Professional Musicians Local 47



Saturday is the continuation of a series of special reports we've been doing, and we end the month doing a show on Female Film Composers. It's a show we haven't done in awhile and we offer 3 top tier Hollywood film composers who you may never of - but should have, including: Pinar Toprak, ("Behind Enemy Lines II" "The Wind Gods"): Helene Muddiman, ("SKIN"); and Penka Kouvena, ("Prince of Persia", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"). Once you hear the discussion and some of their music you will be wondering why you never heard of them before. We will be exploring that and other questions on Saturday at noon.

I hope you can join Laura Dunn (Executive Director of the Society of Composers and Lyricists), and me for another compelling hour of conversation.


1. Penka Kouvena, Composer 2. Pinar Toprak, Composer 3. Helene Muddiman,

PSA's, film/TV music/recording industry current news, commentary.

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The show's theme is called "Miles Smiles" and is composed, arranged and performed by Samm Brown.

Samm Brown's FOR THE RECORD, now in its 18th season, is the only weekly, one-hour, radio talk show in the nation that focuses exclusively on the $700 billion a year entertainment industry. The show is broadcast every Thursday evening at 8 PM from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, with audio streaming at Open phone lines (818-985-5735) allow guests on the show to talk directly with the audience.

Some time ago we initiated a segment titled "Film/TV Composers Forum" -- where from time to time we will invite a panel of working film/TV composers to come in and talk about anything they want -- rather than a preselected subject by our producers or me. SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists) executive director Laura Dunn will sit in to cohost and assist in moderating.


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